Better Worship; Better Preaching; Better Science; Better Theology; Better Politics; its all here and more

Weekend Links

I’m going to keep putting pictures of Spring up here until I start seeing something that looks like it! Thirty five days to opening day of the MLB season–can’t wait.  The links this week are heavy on ministry issues and very diverse. I am working on a video project that I am praying will have national impact on the abortion debate. Pray that it goes viral. It should come in around 5 minutes in length, have a I AM SECOND kind of texture in terms of the starkness of the backdrop and have minimalistic sound. Please pray.


Better Thinking About Ministry

Do Stars Who Self Destruct By-Pass Hell Because They Entertained Us?  (Not designed to be hurtful or insensitive but rather, to cut though the often muddled and sentimental “happy talk” that often surrounds the death of a celebrity.)
A 60-Minute Report on Homelessness by Anderson Cooper  
(What we in the church need to ask is, “why aren’t we as creative and committed to reaching into these communities as 60 minutes is?)
Three Unbiblical Positions on Christianity and Homosexuality  (Gospel Coalition–Former Lesbian reviews the positions and points to help for those with same-sex attraction.)

The Problem of Polemical Preaching  (Too many are itching for a fight when they come to the pulpit or go to the study. Here is good help for the angry preacher.)

John Walton, Evangelical Old Testament Scholar: Neither Ham nor Nye got the Bible Right  (More analysis of the Ken Ham / Bill Nye Debate.)

Five Ways to Improve Congregational Singing in Your Church  (Gospel Coalition—Keith Getty, sounds words from a voice we can trust.)
The Joy of Theology Reading Groups  (Gospel Coalition—On of the great needs of our time is sound theological discussion.)

Better Engagement with Politics

The Privileged Class of American Politics  (John Stossel—right on target!)

Better Leadership and Management Practices

Managing Your Life: Five Ways You are Sabotaging Your Workday and Effectiveness  (Brilliant, short, helpful.)

One thought on “Better Worship; Better Preaching; Better Science; Better Theology; Better Politics; its all here and more

  1. Thank you again for pointing out timely articles. I especially appreciated the article of polemical preaching, which I thought was quite fair in its criticism of such tactics. Like you, I too eagerly anticipate the onset of baseball season. Go Braves!


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