It’s 4:16 AM and I Want to Sleep

Weekend Musings

Sleep1Friday, I had a day off and got some long overdue projects done around the house. Saturday I paid the price of some of those projects with an achy back.

But I also got to meet with another pastor and discuss partnering our two churches in the planting of a new congregation in Newton County, IN. Saturday afternoon, I was able to meet with the budding core group for that new campus/congregation. In the evening Stephnie and I got to visit with one of the core families from the church we planted in Bolingbrook, IL some 23 years ago.

These two friends are some “battle-tested saints” who know the glorious joys of trusting God in the hard times of life. They know that God’s provisions are sometimes miraculous and sometimes mundane, sometimes less than we expected and sometimes more, sometimes just in time and sometimes after the time we desire, sometimes in wrapping we didn’t expect and sometimes in wrapping we never desired or wanted but that God’s provisions are nevertheless, ENOUGH. Always, enough

It is 4:16 AM and I want to sleep but the Spirit of God has my body and mind wide awake for reasons I cannot fathom. He is telling me,

“Enough. You have had enough sleep for now,
come away and be with me for awhile.”

So, I will rejoice and open the Book and eat the word of God till he has told me what he desires of me. 

3 thoughts on “It’s 4:16 AM and I Want to Sleep

  1. This really speaks to what God has been impressing upon me lately; that I have a Father who knows what I need. Therefore, I am free to simply invest in His kingdom, letting my Father provide my necessities. I need not run after the things that I think I need because He will provide, as you said, exactly what I need, exactly when I need it in exactly the way He sees fit. (Matthew 6:32-33) My job is to submit to His provision and to receive it with thanksgiving.


    1. Amen Cindy. The Father knows our needs and we can trust him to provide. Matthew 6:33, an all time favorite of mine. Our job is submit to Him and rejoice in the provision he gives, as well as the timing of it.


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