Extremist; Obama’s Secret Service; Senior Pastor Problem; African American Church Planting;

winter-snows-by-Terry-Redlin-1701595189Weekend Links

Changes are coming to the BLOG. I am due for a change and the demands of writing and preaching, counseling, leading, and consulting make it impossible to what I have been doing. Sometimes I call the BLOG, “the beast” because it is relentless at feeding time, which happens every 24 hours. 

So, the rest of this month I am going to be praying and thinking about a more sustainable way for me to continue to write toward the objective of delivering pastoral care for missional leaders and church planters. I would appreciate your prayers. Meanwhile, enjoy these links.

Better Interaction with Politics and Culture

Who is More Extreme: The Tea Party or the New Democrats? (Video — enlightening.)

Please read this article: What Obama Learned at Columbia (Please read this article.)
Some Very Surprising and Revealing Maps of the Virginia Governors Race  (The article is interesting, but the maps even more so. They reveal that the national republican strategy to distance itself from the Tea Party is counter-productive to winning the election.)
Former Obama Secret Servant Agent Running as a Republican for Congress  (Says the toxic atmosphere of the Obama administration drove him to take action.)

Twenty Things Rich People Do (every day) that Poor People Don’t  (Some of these are “reality of life” issues, i.e. the rich can go to gyms, the poor can’t. But a good number of these are not the effects of wealth or poverty but the contributing cause of wealth or poverty.)

First Winter Snow Wallp TLGBetter Interaction and Thinking in Ministry

Why Christians Need to Have Courage to Live Faithfully in Our World  (A longer article, but a good one with a significant perspective.)
Note to Senior Pastors: Authentic Community Begins with You  (Mark Howell—another fine article.)
Part 2 of Tim Challies Post-Strange Fire Conference Interview with John MacArthur.
The Profound Danger of Kenneth Copeland and David Barton on PTSD
(Gospel Coalition—sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot. Barton is apparently a brother. Copeland is a heretic. Both, unfortunately, will be viewed by unbelievers as part of the mainstream of those who believe the Bible. Tragic. With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies?)

Soaking Your Children in the Word of God: Raising Children to Love the Word  (Jani Ortland—what parent doesn’t need this help?)

Better Thinking about Church Planting

Measuring the Reality of African-American Church Planting  (This is an under studied subject and Lifeway research has done a great service to the church.)

Just for Fun

These Girls are Going to be Rich: An Invisible Bike Helmet  (Great idea.)

Novel and Inexpensive Way to Heat a Room  (I am going to do this in my garage this winter and also in my shed.)
Fastest of the Fastest: the only Man Jesse Owens Feared  (Great article of a nearly forgotten man who lived an honorable life.)

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