The Sickness of the American Church

Monday is for Discussion

Questions and Suggestions.

  1. “Exegete” the video.
  2. What is the point?
  3. How does it relate to your church?
  4. What are you going to do about it?

Update Tuesday: Link now reflects final edits.

Update Wednesday: There was a farming accident in the community resulting in a death and we felt that the video might be a bit insensitive and so it is temporarily down.  We should have it back up shortly.

Later Update:  We took down the link from the church website to the blog and have decided to not use the video at the church this year. But we know that some are already planning on using it in their worship services or in other training events so the link is back up. Please keep farmers in your prayers.

Final Update: Video Link now at the top of the page.

5 thoughts on “The Sickness of the American Church

  1. Love the video and the lesson Marty!! Tell Mike we are going to have to get him in a full feature film!

    The Lesson “Exegete”:
    1) Be Thankful, but there is still much work to be done!
    2) We are called to more than worship for what God has done, but to trust Him for the greatest expression of worship–busy about our call to reach the harvest. (Faith looks forward.)
    3) Life is short…let us die with our ‘boots on’ and busy about the Father’s business.
    4) Other workers are looking for us to do our part. (When we don’t, we slow down everyone)
    5) The fields are white unto harvest…let’s go!
    6) We can have all the proper equipment, but if we fail to faithfully ‘use it,’ we are no better off.
    7) We can ‘lose our health’ in private worship about God’s past goodness if it is separated from the task and call before us.


  2. Churches often measure in the effectiveness of their ministry in a community by the number of people in their building, their “bin” if you will, and not by the number of people in their community who follow Christ. We need (I need) to keep our (my) eyes on the field and not on the full bins. Providentially, I am preaching on John 4:27-45 this Sunday, and sharing in the Christ’s food — obedience to the will of His Father. Thank you, Marty, for the post.

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