Speaking of Homosexuality; Heaven; Suffering Well; Tim Keller; Dennis Prager; Richard Dawkins

Weekend Links

Looking forward to being back in the pulpit for the first time in four weeks.  And I’m looking forward to having my wife back after a long visit to visit and care for her mother in West Virginia. Enjoy your weekend.

Dragon's Blood Trees in Yemen, Socotra region
Dragon’s Blood Trees in Yemen, Socotra region


What is the Gospel and How Do We Ensure We Tell It?  (Book review of a new Paul Washer book.)
Can the Scriptures that Speak of Homosexuality be Nullified? (A fine article by Dr. John Carpenter, PhD. that facts checks some popular but erroneous defenses of homosexuality as normal.)

Heaven: The Logic of Eternal Joy   (Book review of a new book by Jerry Walls, reviewed at Apologetics 315.)

Book Reviews

Tim Keller wants You to Suffer Well  (And so does God.  Review of Tim Keller’s book, Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering, by Matt Smethurst.)


Refreshing Worship One Hymn at a Time  (The Indelible Grace website includes new charts for musicians.)
A Reformed Critique and Appreciation of Ana-baptist Criticism of the Neo-Reformed Movement in America (Now that’s a title!  Great article and the last paragraph is very helpful.)

Better Engagement with Culture

Dennis Prager’s Challenge to Richard Dawkins (The atheists are on the run, they just have a microphone to scream into. They are all paper tigers.)

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