Learning from the Prayer of Jesus for His Disciples

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Jesus and the Way of SocratesTo me the most awesome aspect of Christ’s supervision of his disciples comes out in his prayers. His high priestly prayer is the greatest example (John 17:1-26). Have you noticed how most of the prayer turns on these men ‘given’ to him out of the world  (John 17:6-19)? He prays for their protection from the evil one; he prays that they might have his joy in doing the will of God; and as they are sent into the world on a mission like his own, he prays that they will be sanctified to that end even as he sanctifies himself. Nothing must be allowed to distract them from the work to which they are called, for ‘through their word’ the world will come to believe on him (John 17:20ff).

—-Bill Iverson, Jesus and the Ways of Socrates:
Human Shaped Education for the 21st Century
445 in Kindle edition.

Note what Jesus prays for:

  • Their protection
  • Their joy in doing his will
  • Their commitment to his mission, and
  • Their holiness.

Pray for these things for those you lead. Pray and work these things into our own lives.

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