Duck Dynasty; Gays Sue Churches; Moocher Hall of Fame; Syria; and more

Weekend Links

I am on a brief four day vacation, celebrating 29 incredible years with my wondrous and beautiful bride and some dear friends that we just don’t get to see often enough.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Abortion links imageBetter Engagement with Culture on Abortion

Out of the Mouth of Ducks  (Chris Castaldo –on what Duck Dynasty is getting to say to America)

Better Economic and Social Policy

A Moocher Hall of Fame or Shame: Which ever one fits best  (Is this the future of America?)
Litigation Against Churches begins in England before the Ink is Dry on the Bill Legalizing Same-sex Marriage (Exactly what is going to happen in USA—liberty is becoming an endangered species.)
Vatican Full Court Press on Non-miliatry Intervention in Syria is a Model for Both Governments and Denominations (A worthy read even if you can’t agree on all the particulars.)

Ministry Corner

Helping Millenials Get Over their Fear of Commitment  (From one millenial to a generation.)
Five LIes Every Twenty Something Needs to Stop Believing (Relevant Magazine—-pass this on to everyone you know.)

Health and Food

The Killer in Your Fridge: Sweet Poison:  (There is danger in some of those chemical sweetners for many of us.)

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