Coming: An Interview with the Author of a Book I Hope Becomes a Runaway Bestseller

Tuesday is for Counseling: A Great New Book

Matt MitchellOn Thursday, I will post an interview with Matt Mitchell, a fellow EFCA pastor from the great state of Pennsylvania. I’m not sure where Matt and I crossed paths but I have appreciated his ministry for some time. 

His blog,, is filled with pastoral insight and counsel that is wise, biblically sturdy and sensitive to the the hard realities of life. Plus, he loves C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, the Eagles, and reformed theology—I mean, what’s not to like with a guy with that collection of loves?

One of the greatest enemies of love and destroyers of unity in the body of Christ is gossip. Matt has just published a book called RESISTING GOSSIP and it is one of the books I think I will find myself recommending often this next year.

Just three weeks ago, at the annual meeting of Trinity Church, I announced that this issue of taking dead aim on gossip was going to be a major thrust of my preaching this year as we seek to become a church marked by

  • 1) Extraordinary Love,
  • 2) Extraordinary Faithfulness to God’s Word,
  • 3) Extraordinary Commitment to Prayer and
  • 4) Extraordinary Local Focus on reaching our neighbors.

I hope that you will “tune in” on Thursday for the interview and perhaps throw some questions at Matt on his new book.

3 thoughts on “Coming: An Interview with the Author of a Book I Hope Becomes a Runaway Bestseller

  1. Marty, I hope you mean the band “The Eagles,” because I’m sorry to disappoint you if you mean football. We are Steeler Nation here. =D (And I’m not that fond of the Eagles band either…)

    But I do like those other things! And I know we have Dorothy Sayers in common, as well.


    1. I did mean your cross-state rivals. Sorry about that. I’d forgotten our conversation about Dorothy Sayers. When I’m not rooting for the Eagles and Phillies, I like to see the Steelers and Pirates win. The baseball stadium in Pittsburgh is a great view coming out of the tunnel in the mountain.

      Have a great day. I hope a lot of readers see our interview tomorrow. I’m praying your book sells like hotcakes and changes the face (tongue) of the church in America and beyond. Thanks for your work.


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