Heaven is More Real than Earth

Friday Afternoon Musings

Kingdom Of Heaven

“The task of the church, . . .
and the task of the leader in the church,

is to make this other world credible;
to make it possible to men to believe that this world as it is, is not the last word;
to keep constantly alight in men’s hearts
the flame of hope and faith in the possibility
of a different kind of world.”

—Lesslie Newbigin, The Good Shepherd


“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace
that is in Christ Jesus.”

2 Timothy 2:1

4 thoughts on “Heaven is More Real than Earth

  1. Can’t wait!!!! Soooo looking forward to SEE and be with my heart, my Lord and my Savior!!!! Lots of exclamations because Heaven is that important!!


  2. Update: Leslie, the last to comment on this post, now lives in glory with Jesus, awaiting the resurrection of her body and will be one of the returning saints with Jesus at his appearing.


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