Betting on the Future and Why Eschatology Matters

Monday is for Discussion

Gambing ChipsThink of all the things we might reasonably surmise are sure bets concerning future events. Ready? Go.

  1. The sun will rise.
  2. The congress will not solve our debt crisis on Monday.
  3. A politician will prove he or she has zero character and will still ask people to vote for him or her.
  4. People will still vote for them.
  5. New reports will prove global warming.
  6. New reports will refute global warming.
  7. Your love for your children will not dry up and go away.
  8. Islamic extremists will murder innocent Muslims somewhere in the world.
  9. The evening news will report another murder in Chicago.
  10. My wife will beat me at “Words with Friends.”
  11. The Republicans will blame the Democrats and the Democrats will blame the Republicans and both of them will say “God bless America.”

I think everyone of those things is a sure bet for Monday. But as certain as I am about all of those things, there is only one sure thing about the future. The most sure thing is that Jesus, the Lamb of God, is coming back to judge the living and the dead. (2 Timothy 4:1).

He made a promise.
He made a promise.

Tell your soul, “He made a promise.”

Nothing in the future is more certain than the fact that Jesus is coming back.

It was the hope of the early church and it has continued to be the hope of most powerful gospel movements through out the history of the church. Saints mesmerized by the reality of Christ’ promise live differently. They live with an eternal focus. They live with eternity in mind. They live with a zeal to make Christ known among all who don’t know him.

When Paul was writing his new believer follow-up letter to the Thessalonians 3-4 months after they believed, every chapter referenced the second coming of Jesus. It was a pivot doctrine around which their Christian character was to be shaped. It should be a part what shapes our character and demeanor in the world.

Pastors:  Analyze your spiritual formation process.  Does it reflect the New Testament practice?  Does it help your people live in light of the surest bet they can make—that Jesus is coming again?

Jesus made a promise.  Do we believe Him?

After all, that was Jesus question in John 11:25-26.

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