Why Should Anyone Get Married? ; Black Leaders and Zimmerman; Apologetics; How Millenials Think

Weekend Links

Baseball is on the radio again. The sun is shinning after a rain. We emptied more boxes last night and this morning I put a bunch of Christmas and other things in the attic. We are starting to get settled in at 734 S. Jordans Court. Lots of interesting links here.  As always, just because I have a link here doesn’t mean I agree with everyone or everything in any particular one. But all of them will help you think better about the issues they engage. Enjoy.

1 Marriage ImageMarriage and Controversy

Same Sex Marriage is War on Religion  (Star Parker)
The Problem with the Idea of Sexual Compatibility  (Sound thinking on a topic that shouldn’t even be controversial)
Human Sexuality and Holy Marriage  (John Armstrong—solid article from my friend John)

A Zimmerman Trial GraphicPerspective on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Trial

A Black Leader with a Different Take on the Trial  (Jesse Lee Peterson –for 23 years Jesse Peterson has been a lonely voice. Today he is repeating his message, “Black Racism Killed Trayvon Martin”)
Why aren’t the Murders of Black Youth in Chicago a Bigger Story than the Zimmerman Trial?  (Dana Loesch—on the questions that ought to be asked in our culture.)
Charles Barkley–the Voice of Reason on the Zimmerman Verdict?  (Video. See what you think.)
An Open Letter to Whites Concerning the Black Community and the Trayvon Martin Case  (Must read.)

Soul Formation 2Leadership and Reading

On My Bookshelf (Thabiti Anyabwile—One of the men I respect most in the world tells what he reads now, what he rereads and what has shaped him in the past.)
How Millenials Think and What to Do about It (Staying on top of the cultural thinking is critical for a leader.)

ApologeticsDoctrine and Apologetics

New Course of Calvinism from Desiring God Ministries  (John Piper—Dr. Piper is one of the clearest and, I think, one of the most persuasive proponents of the “doctrines of grace” in our time. Whether you are a Calvinist or not, this is a good opportunity to know what Calvinism really is.)
NPR—Still Not Getting Religion (and Christianity) Right  (Accuracy. Isn’t that all we expect from our media? Just get the story right. Get the facts right. Be fair with information. That doesn’t seem unreasonable.)
How Kirsten Powers Converted from Atheism to Christianity While Serving as a Liberal Commentator  (Video—God changing lives. It’s what he does.)
Listening to Young Atheists, Lessons for a Stronger Christianity

3 thoughts on “Why Should Anyone Get Married? ; Black Leaders and Zimmerman; Apologetics; How Millenials Think

  1. Thank you for sharing the Zimmerman clip with Barkley. I found it interesting, perhaps evidence and how the case was prosecuted is why the verdict of not guilty. Also, our laws are very sketchy for any person it must have been difficult for the jurors to decipher. I hope that some sort of peace can come to ALL of those involved in this tragic case. Allie


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