What Would Happen if We Actually Believed Jesus?

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Rural America Rural AmericaJesus said:

  1. “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)
  2. “You will do greater works than these.” (John 14:12)
  3. “Ask and you will receive.” (John 16:24)
  4. “I am coming soon.”  (Revelation 22:12)

Vision 2“Can you imagine, can you fathom, can you grasp what would happen if you, if we, if the whole Church really believed Christ and these four simple statements He made? What if we really believed that all things were possible? How big might we dream? Could God free us from our addictions? Could He heal our marriages? Could He bring life into our families, into our workplaces, into our neighborhoods? How far out of the box might God take us with His visions and His possibilities?

Transforming Church in Rural America
—Shannon O’Dell

“Oh God, help your Church to believe You rather than our experience, our education, our numbers, our budgets, our talents–anything other than You.  Help us to take You at Your word.  Help us to believe that there is no obstacle for You; that You desire us to be engaged with great works for Your glory; that we can ask You anything knowing that You delight to give good things to Your people; and that You are coming soon. Make us an expectant people living with an urgency to tell everyone about the hope of the gospel. Amen.”

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