Links to Wonder; Links to change Church Culture; Links to Sanity about American Military Developments and much more

Weekend Links

Awesome Garden SofaBusy week packing, moving, hoping for the sale of our house in Bolingbrook.  But a good week. A week where God drew near, where plans produced fruit, where men and women heard (and glory!), believed in the Gospel and trusted in the Savior.  Have a great weekend celebrating the wonder of our great God and his redemption our lives.

Better Thinking About Our Military Industrial Complex

Religious Freedom in the Military: This is What Intolerance Smells Like  (Susan Stamper Brown— alarming new developments restricting Christians from sharing their faith for fear of being charged with treason.)
Will the Pentagon Prohibit the Great Commission?  (The Gospel Coalition— tackles the recent developments in the Pentagon.)
Air Force Officer told to Remove a Bible from His Desk   (Enough said.)
Preposterous Waste, Pentagon Style (Daniel Mitchell—did you know that our government accounts for almost 50% of all military spending worldwide?)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Black Pastor Barred from Speaking at Morehouse College   (Political correctness strikes again.)
Bioethicist Upset by Public Criticism of His Pro-infanticide Position  (My comment, “So what?”  The nation ought to be upset that he thinks his view is mainstream.)

Better Ministry Thinking

Changing Church Culture  (Every Church needs change. They either know it, are ignorant of it, embrace it or deny it. Steve Timmis gives good counsel on how to move forward.)
What is Christian Unity and Why Do We Need It (Short article with insight from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.)

Better Thinking and Enjoying of God and His World

9 Links to Waking Up to the Wonder of God and His World  (Thanks to Ann Voskamp for these fantastic links.)

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