Rapper Shai Linne on False Teaching; Abortion; Islam and Peace; Discipling Like Jesus; Angry Calvinists

Weekend Links

I Don't Always Appreciated Colbert's Flippant Sound-bite Takes on Culture but I Think He's Right on this One.
I Don’t Always Appreciated Colbert’s Flippant Sound-bite Takes on Culture but I Think He’s Right on this One.

So much going on in the world and so much going wrong, it is a good idea to remember that our God is neither surprised, anxious, or ignorant. Neither is he powerless. “Let not your heart be troubled.” (Jesus in John 14:1). But it is wise for us to think about our opportunities in a world gone mad.

Pastor Craig Groeschel has said, “If you want to reach people no one else is reaching, you’re going to have to do things no one else is doing.” Help your church to do that. The world needs the gospel. The world needs Jesus. Enjoy this week’s links.

Better Thinking about Children

Defending the Addition of our Fifth Child (Important article on the value of child-bearing and seeing our children as assets to our families and the world.)
Why has There Been an Almost Total Media Blackout (ABC< NBC< CBS< CNN) on this Issue?  (Peggy Noonan speaks up)
8 Reasons for the Media Blackout on Kermit Gosnell (The lies of silence in the media may be compared to the Roman Catholic Church and the silence on decades of sexual abuse by priests.)

The Ugly Under-Belly of the “Religion of Peace

Saudi Imam rapes, tortures 5-yr-old daughter because he ‘doubted her virginity’ (Enough said.)

Thinking Better about How We Relate to LGBTQ Culture

A Same-Sex-Attracted pastor of a Presbyterian Church Discusses His Identity in Christ

Picture of house with graffitiBetter Thinking about Culture and Politics

Why Shai Linne Put Joel Osteen and Other Fal$e Teachers on a Blast  (Despite the presence of some cranky nit-pickers in the body of Christ who feel the need to criticize EVERYTHING, there is still a need to criticize somethings—like false teaching. Rapper Shai Linne gives his take in this short video.)
The Terrifying Brave New World that is Rapidly Becoming a Reality (Scary developments among ethicists, the human genome and abortion culture.)

Better Thinking About Ministry

Why We Don’t Disciple the Way Jesus Did (Michael Breen—exactly what we have come to expect from Michael, incisive, clear and thought provoking.)
Why I Am Not Jumping on the Missional Church Band-wagon (Fad)  (Brian Jones—another thought provoking piece even if you might disagree with some of his conclusions.)
10 Ideas that Have Shaped My Philosophy of Ministry and Resources (Mark Howell)
Calvin on Angry Calvinists (Steve Childers—helpful article about a too-common trend among some young Calvinists.)

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