I Need a Soul with a Broader Wave-band

Thursday is for Discipleship

1 Wave

“Father in Heaven!  What is man without You! What is all that he knows, vast accumulation though it be, but a chipped fragment if he does not know You.”

Soren KierkegaardPurity of Heart is
Will to One Thing

I need a soul with a broader band width.

That’s my struggle. I am a perpetual learner. That’s good. But it can also be a distraction, a hurdle, a roadblock to going deeper with Christ. In the midst of all my responsibilities and activities, I need to learn, and relearn that sitting at the feet of my Savior is where I need to be. 

Even now, I can’t hardly stop from thinking about how many hours there are before I have to record the message for one of our campuses, tidy up that message, take care of three things from last night’s elder’s meeting, think through a staffing issue, organize my schedule, work out details for a wedding, and more details for a golf game with some high school buddies, and a mission trip in May, a hospital visitation today, in addition to the mundane acts of shower, shaving, eating, shopping, putting gas in the car  …

You have the same problem just a different list of responsibilities and activities.

We fight the maze of stuff (what a great word) in our lives, things that fill not only our time but the wave-band of our souls and we lose sight of Jesus, “the author and perfector of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2, NASB). We are, all of us, male and female, Marthas (Luke 10:38-42). Multi-tasking is the bane of our existence. 

I need a soul with a wider band-width.

Or maybe, I just need to slow down, set priorities and live by them. Maybe it’s that simple. Kierkegaard is right. It’s really just “the will to one thing.” 

I’m going to find out. Right after I take care of …

3 thoughts on “I Need a Soul with a Broader Wave-band

  1. Marty, we touched on this last night at small group. The point was raised, how often do we wear ourselves out with work and life, or fill our time with mundane past-times, and have little or nothing left for what REALLY matters: knowing God and His word, and loving His world with the truth. I’ve wrestled with this a lot recently, and have landed here, for a while anyway: making the most of the “down time” between tasks (when there is some!) by reading the Word or engaging in meaningful conversation with those around me. And, I’m learning to say “no” more.


  2. Thank you Marty. This is very insigthful and revelant in fact.And it is well written. May our gracious Lord help us! This is an area in my life where I believe I need Him much these years. So, let’ s keep each other in prayer for that. Blessings.


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