FEMA Discrimination agst Churches; Downton Abbey Evaluations; Bill Moyers; John Piper; Russell Moore; Ending Abortion

Weekend Links

Indoor or outdoor pallet garden.
Indoor or outdoor pallet garden.

Enjoy these, especially the last one in the list.

Better Engagement with Culture

Ending Abortion in North Dakota (Looking to the day when abortion has ended everywhere. Fighting the Battle for Personhood.)
A Protestant Evangelical View on the Ministry and Resignation of the Pope (Russel Moore)
Obama’s Promise to Spend without Adding a Dime to the Deficit Draws Skepticism  (I wonder why?  I’m afraid our President thinks we are all [or most of us] stupid.)

Another Take on Downton Abbey and Why the Left Hates It (Good juxtaposition with the next link.)
Sanity on the Downton Abbey Phenomenon (Some honest evaluation of the popular BBC production)

Government is Paying CNN to Lie and President Obama’s Administration in Intimidating Journalists(I can’t stand this guys voice [sorry, its a personal thing], but this interview with a former CNN journalist is a can’t miss. Our President and our government is out of control.)
Susan Crawford and Bill Moyers on Why US Intenet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair (Fascinating video and one that lays out a plan where traditionally Left and Right political opponents can come together to make a stronger America for all.)

FEMA’s Ugly Discrimination Against Churches Damaged by Super Storm Sandy  (Churches gave more, helped more, served more than any other help agency in the recent storm. Nevertheless, FEMA’s no-aid-to-churches policy is denying them any help in rebuilding. Another ugly underbelly of aggressive secularism.)

Better Ministry Thinking and Practice

Priorities for Youth Pastors (John Piper—Audio)
Ten Reasons Youth are Leaving the Church (I wish every church leader, every pastor, every youth pastor, every parent in the country would read this article. We need a total reimagining of youth ministry in the churches of America. What we are doing, what we have inherited as good, “youth ministry practice” in almost all cases is not working. Young people need truth, they need equipping for real life, they need the gospel in all of its depth for a life in all of its fullness.)
Counsel on When and What to Write When You Write about Ministry (Bob Logan—excellent counsel about not writing beyond your experience.)

Preparing Churches for the Legalization Gay-Marriage (If the government continues down the path it is on, how should churches respond?)

Better Counsel and Better Doctrine in Our Churches

Christian Hope and Fighting the battle Against Depression (John Piper—if you are a pastor, you know that depression is at epidemic proportions in our culture and that Christians are not immune. Here is good help from a trusted source.)
Four Important Innovations in Small Group Ministry (Mark Howell—very few ministries in North America have figured out the “Small Group” ministry puzzle. Here’s help toward that end.)
To Follow Christ is to Love Them When They Hate You  (Kevin DeYoung—a good reminder.)
The Greatest of All Protestant Heresies? (Sinclair Ferguson—over a decade ago, maybe two, I took a class on the Westminster Confession from Dr. Ferguson. This is exactly the incisive and biblical mind I encountered.)

“The Church may be a whore but she is my mother” (Augustine)  (Video reflection on the on what it means to be the bride of Christ inspired by Augustine’s quote. Don’t miss it.)

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