Mark Dever on Church Polity; Obama Kill List; Dr. Ben Carson; Lesbian Conversion; Andree Seu Peterson;

Weekend Links

Start planning your garden now. Spring is coming.
Start planning your garden now. Spring is coming.

Be informed. Enjoy. Act on what you learn.

Biblical Engagement with Culture, Politics and Neighbors

The Banality of Abortion Arguments (Chilling, absolutely chilling, and evil. Video included. Please watch and read this link. Abortion must end.)
Our Assassin-in-Chief and the Silence of the Media (Provocative post.)
The Obama Kill-List (Be a Liberal, Be a Conservative, but by all means be against this policy.)

Cultural Creep: How an ‘Orientation is Born’ (Andree Seu Peterson—is one of the most talented writers and commentators on the staff of World Magazine. She is consistently sound in her thinking, biblical in approach and lacking in histrionics. But she is wise. And her insight is valuable as she begins to unpack the cultural creep going on that is increasingly looking to make pedophilia okay because it is an “orientation.” Beware. This way goeth danger.)
Must Watch Video by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast Schooling the President on Health Care

A Former Lesbian Professor Converts to Christ and Tells Us How it Happened(So much in this testimony published in Christianity Today about a winsome witness that won over a hardened post-modern feminist and overcame the tedious and truncated culture of republica-Christianity.)

How to Live with an Unbelieving Spouse (Simple, uncomplicated advice that is not simplistic and that maps out a great way to start and continue till the situation changes.)
Polity is for Everyone (Mark Dever Interview—Some will view this as pedantic (look it up). Others will think it is irrelevant. But polity, how we govern our churches really matters and Mark Dever is a good thinker to help us think better.)

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