God is a Lover and He is Looking for Lovers

Friday is for Heart Songs

Love God Love othersGod is a lover and he desires lovers. 

And to love the lost the way they need to be loved we need to love the Lord more than we love the lost. That kind of love only grows out of an intimacy with God. And that intimacy is only grown out of time spent brooding over the word of the Living God and praying for a heart that breaks over the things that break the heart of God.

What is that thing that breaks the heart of God?

Luke 15:1-32 tells us what that is and the key to understanding what Jesus wanted to communicate is in how Luke introduces what Jesus said. The context is that the Pharisees and scribes are complaining about Jesus spending time with “tax collectors and sinners”. On that occasion, when Jesus knew what and why they were complaining about the company he was keeping, Luke tells us, “Jesus told them this parable:” (Luke 15:3) Notice: Luke doesn’t say “these parables” but “this parable”:

Most editors of our Bibles supply section headings that sound something like this from the ESV:

Parable of the Lost Sheep (15:1-7)
Parable of the Lost Coin (15:8-10)
Parable of the Prodigal Son (15:11-32)

Generally, these editor-supplied headings are helpful, but not here. The headings lead us to believe that these are three different parables and not one. But they are one parable. Luke told us that back in verse 3. It is one parable in three movements. And they all have the same point.

There is an extravagance to the love of God.

God is on a search and rescue mission for lost people.

That is His heart.

And that is the heart that His followers need to cultivate. 

Get to know your God. If you do, your passion for the lost will grow. 

That may be the only evidence you have that you are truly one of his followers.

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