Dogs vs Cats; Planned (Sadomasochism) Parenthood; Tim Keller; Rick Warren: Hobby Lobby; Reading the Bible; Doctrine

Weekend Links

Dog and Cat DiaryVacationing. Few Links. Little time, got to get back to relaxing. As always, presence on the list doesn’t mean complete endorsement of all the particulars.

Better Thinking About Life, Rights and Sex

Planned Parenthood Supports Sadomasochism : I Know, It Sounds Crazy But it’s True 
Rick Warren Comments on the Hobby Lobby Morning-After Pill Lawsuit 

Better Thinking About Doctrine

A Definition of the Gospel from Tim Keller (A good place to start a discussion on what the gospel is)
Are Your Kids Likely to Loss their Faith? (Fact checking the fear creating comments of some pastors and ministries)
How I Changed My Mind on Millennialism (Sam Storms—agree or disagree, but defend your position with grace, love and text.)
How Not to Read the Bible in 2013 (Many will be attempting to read thorough the Bible in the New Year. Here are some practical tips on what to avoid in attempting to do so.)
A Better Way to Take the Focus Off Athletes and Sports Teams and Place it on Jesus (

Better Thinking about Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Sandy Victim Blasts President Obama: “He’s a Phony and a Liar” (Video—we have got to get better politicians in Washington)

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