The Rob Bell Slide; China; FOX and MSNBC Bias; Slavery in Our Neighborhoods; Abortion Culture; Ann Coulter; Planned Parenthood; Aerosmith

Weekend Links


1000 year old Yew trees in Wales
Surely, part of the Hobbit was filmed here!

How to be a Christian Citizen under a President You Didn’t Vote For (Timely)
Slavery Grows in Our Back Yards (This scourge is bringing judgment upon us. We must do more to stop it.)
Lessons for Liberals: How a Pencil is Made in a Free Market (Insightful video for Liberals and conservatives alike and everyone in between on how complicated the world really is.)
You Knew Fox was Biased Toward Romney and MSNBC was Biased toward Obama, but Did You Know it Was this Bad?  (Independent Journal Review)
China is Building the World’s Tallest Building in 90 Days! (This is not a joke. Amazing technology and another example of how emerging economies unfettered by regulations do amazing things. Ironic that it is coming out of China.)

Thinking Better and Doing Better About Abortion

If God Doesn’t Judge Us He will have to Apologize to Sodom: He Won’t do That! (Doug Giles —Bombastic in presentation but accurate.)
From Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend to Pro-life Advocate (A story worth hearing about the lies that are told women in desperate situations.)
An Open (and Brilliant) Letter to Ann Coulter (Kristen Walker—young voices like this give the nation hope for the future.)
How Planned Parenthood is Systematically Being Defeated and How You Can Help (Great article on the frustration of Planned Parenthood’s desire to expand their Clinics [PTL])

Ronald Reagan: Beware and Erosion of the American Spirit (This is a good reminder at any time of year but especially after an election and the calendar moving toward Christmas)

Thinking Better about the Bible and Ministry

How Do I Know I Can Trust My Bible? (Reclaiming the Mind –good readable introduction about textual criticism.)
Four Reasons Men Don’t Read Books (with a Fantastic idea for how to get them started)
Nine Ways to be Missional in the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season (Suggest list to help you have substantive interaction with your neighbors.)
A Reflection on How Men Fall Morally and Theologically that Begins with Rob Bell and Goes Right to the Heart of All of Our Problems (Tim Challies)

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