How Will Revival Come?

Weekend Musings

“An hour later I was cycling down the road to nowhere, convinced that it led to everywhere.” 

Later in Life with his wife Muriel Carol (Carson)

So ends the first chapter in J. Edwin Orr’s first book, Can God—-? (1934). He has just related the account of his entry into ministry, specifically of calling Britain and Ireland to faith in Christ. Most today don’t know of his work but he was mightily used of God in his generation. He was 22 when he wrote that book and 65 years later when he died on April 22, 1987 he was still writing and preaching and praying for the revival of God’s people.

He was the world’s greatest historian of the both the first and second Great Awakenings. Oh how we need someone like him in our day. He helped to start Campus Crusade for Christ and a dozen other organizations committed to reaching the lost and calling men and women to a deeper level of spirituality and zeal for Christ.

Where is the twenty-something young man who will abandon all of earth to pursue a God-entranced vision and lead us to beseech the Living One for a revival of our passion and zeal for Him who saved us and for the lost He sent us to with his message? “Oh God raise up workers for the harvest.”

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