Speaking the Language of the Culture as the Church Dies

Tuesday Musings

“A warm spirituality without the apostolic and evangelical substance may seem attractive to many–what is called undogmatic, or even unconscious Christianity. It will specially appeal to the lay mind, in the pulpit and out. But it is the death of the Church.” 

—P.T. Forsyth

Pendulum swings. Life is filled with them.

Robust doctrine, and no practical practice. Or great emphasis on practice and only a lightly salted theology. The history of the church in many ways is a swing from one end of the pendulum to another. Of course, these pendulum swings are corrections to perceived imbalances or one group’s recovery of some biblical emphasis that a previous group had lost.

However, what they often produce is an equal but opposite imbalance.

How are you helping your people to resist the spirit of the age and to center their faith in sound doctrine, passionate affection, and deep sacrifice for others?

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