Dramatic and Personal Tsunami Video

Weekend Musings

Here’s another video of the tsunami and the town that I visited. Some 20,000 people lived below the camera level here, more than 10,000 of them were lost. When the video begins, you will see a car tunnel almost right in the center of the picture. At about a minute into the video you will see a car go into that tunnel. Watch what happens about a minute and 15 seconds later!

To the left of the tunnel and closer to the camera you will see a building with three convex roof structures in an offset feature. In front of that building also in the foreground, you will see a red tiled roof. The building with the three light blue convex roof structures is the same building seen in the previous video I showed. The tsunami eventually covered this building and left a mountain of debris on top of it. The red-roofed tile structure sits on the ground that today is the CHRISTIAN CENTER, offering the hope of the gospel and all types of relief and support to the survivors. 

Late in the video, you will see a woman in a white coat fleeing the coming water and debris. She disappears from the picture but she did survive. She is the wife of the man who owns the property on which the red-tiled roof structure sat. Pray for both she and her husband, (extremely gracious people but uncommitted to Christ). Pray that God would continue to use them and draw them to himself.

Pray for the opportunities that are popping up all over Japan but especially in this region to plant new churches. Pray that the Japanese church would be bold to step into these opportunities. I am seeing more interest in planting churches among the Japanese now than at any time in my last 18 years of visiting Japan. It is very likely that DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International) will receive an invitation to come and train church planters here. 

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