Out of Disaster and Loss, Hope and Transformation in Japan

Friday is for Heart Songs

This is one of the areas I visited in the Tsunami zone. the extent of the devastation is hard to comprehend. The video below is shot by a young boy whose overwhelmed mother can be heard crying out throughout parts of the video. The long horizontal white building on the bottom right was eventually completely covered by the incoming water and its roof littered with debris when it receded. Made of concrete, it still stands but has been abandoned. Just above it is an area that has been given to a group of Christians.

It too was land totally engulfed by the tsunami. The owner of the land, a non-Christian was asked by a friend if he would give the property to him for the erection of a Buddhist shrine to honor the lives of the those lost. That night, he had a dream in which he was told to start a church there. The next day he contacted a Japanese Christian he had just met who had moved into the area to help with the relief effort and asked him to take the property. Today, there is a “Christian Center” on that location. Worship services occur on Sunday; throughout the week students from the local high school come to study there, and workers, mostly volunteers work with children who have lost everything, providing hope, the food, friendship and the gospel.

Pictured above is the radio tower where government employees broadcast for as along as they could the coming tsunami. The antenna is about 40-45 feet above the ground. I have pictures of the mayor of the town clinging to the antenna as the water is washing over the roof. Many stories to tell when I return. Stories of tragedy and glory, of disaster and heroes, of despair and hope. Pray for the people of Japan and the recovery but pray most for the advance of the gospel in particular.

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