Four Things YOU Must Do to Grow Your Church? Really?

Monday is for Discussion

Grabbed this from Facebook Saturday afternoon. Bill Easum (Writer and President of 21st Century Strategies) was speaking Thursday in Baltimore when he mentioned that there are only four things that grow a church and that he had never seen a church doing these four things that wasn’t growing. Quoting Bill (slightly reformatted to make it easier to follow):

“In fact, I challenged them to put those four things in place and if they didnt grow I would give them $10,000.

About that time someone raised their hand and asked, What are the four things.” So I proceeded to share the four things that grow a church.

  1. You must constantly invite people to Christ and/or your church.
  2. You must have a system in place to connect with them and cause them to return again and again.
  3. You must disciple them into followers of Jesus.
  4. You must send them back out into the community to [be] back yard missionaries.
Sounds simple doesn’t? But each of these four core processes takes time, energy, and money. Someone has to make sure they happen every day. Depending on the size of the church it is either the pastor and volunteers or a paid staff person for each process.But nothing else a church does matters as much as they four things.Then someone asked “How can we learn more about what these four staff positions look like.”
“Well,” I said. Our new book on staffing just hit the shelves. It’s called Effective Staffing for Vital Churches: The Essential Guide to finding and keeping the right people. You can find the book at or through Baker Books. I think it is one of the best books our group has ever published. But don’t [take our] word for it – read what others are saying about it.
Rick Warren
“This book is a winner.”
Dave Ferguson
“A tremendous help for church leaders”
Darrin Patrick: “I wish I had had this book when I started”
You can also go our website to read three chapters from the book and a video on Time Management when you and sign up. We’re here to help you grow your church.”
  1. Really?
  2. Without disagreeing with Bill’s four suggestions, can we trust growth that can be guaranteed?
  3. What would you add to Bill’s list and why?
  4. Is there something you would subtract?

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