Church Planting, Michael Breen; Missional Movement Fail; R.C., Piper and Keller

Weekend Links

Politics, Japan, Biblical Interpretation, a smattering of John Piper, Tim Keller and R.C. Sproul, with a little bit of Al Mohler thrown in with Michael Breen and Tullian Tchividjian—-so much to choose from. This weeks links are the last for two weeks. I will be traveling to Japan to speak at a conference five times and will be unable to post them next Saturday. But enjoy this week with the oft repeated mantra, I don’t endorse all that is in them but find them helpful in shaping my thinking.

A tsunami carries buildings across waters in Kamaishi city port. (I will be visiting this region of japan for two days prior to a speaking engagement in Osaka October 22-29. Please pray for lasting fruit among the Japanese.)


Salaried Obama Campaign Worker Breaking the Law and Committing Voter Fraud (
I Am Going to Vote (John Piper—you don’t like either candidate for an office, should you vote? Here’s how John Piper decides.)
Do Christians really Take the Bible Literally? (The answer may surprise you. We have got to become wise in how we engage with culture.)

Thinking Better About Christian Practice

What about the Sabbath? (Gospel Coalition—Ray Ortlund, a short but worthy article about holiness.)
Sell All that You Have? (R.C. Sproul—thinking about seriously about the words of Christ.)
Begin Your Day with a War in Your House so You Can Have Peace Through Christ (John Piper)
How Many People Does it Take to Change a Marriage in 10 Days? (Philip Wagner—a creative and helpful article and what looks to be a very good book.)
Christians and Suffering (Tullian Tchividjian—new book reviewed by Aaron Armstrong at Gospel Coalition)

Thinking better About Doctrine

There is No Love (of God) without Wrath (in God)  (Tim Keller)
Christians and Science (NPR interview with two prominent Christians over the historicity of Adam and Eve—Al Mohler and Calvin college professor Daniel Harlow)

My Friend and Fellow EFCA Pastor Matt Mitchell Posted a Series of Links from the recent Theology Conference held at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on the Issue of Biblical Complimentarianism. It is well worth listening to all of the messages linked there.

Church Planters and Planting

Are We Overlooking Valuable Potential Church Planters? (An Interview with Paul Williams and the Orchard Group)
Why the Missional Movement Will Fail (Michael Breen)

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