Bob Dylan; the Darkside; Der Spiegel on Obama; Forced Abortions; Sex Trafficking; NFL Leadership Lessons;

Weekend Links

The weather is changing, footballs are flying through the air and it won’t be long before the leaves drop from the trees. I love the Fall. And you are going to love some of these links. As always, I don’t endorse all of them or all of the perspective in each of them but all of them will help you be a more informed, better thinking follower of Christ.


Bob Dylan, the Darkside and the Gospel

Better Engagement with Culture

Philosopher Defends Theistic Belief Systems (Religion and Science—They are NOT at odds)
“Obama’s Middle East Policies are in Ruins” (German Der Spiegel— a scathing conclusion by European press)
Getting Somewhere in the Debates Over Homosexuality (N.T. Wright—very good video on what needs to happen in the polarized atmosphere of almost all discussion over homosexuality.) The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage (Article from MIT, The Tech)
Forced Abortions Continue in China (What can be done? China is the only country in the world where more babies have been aborted than the USA.)
Fetal Cells are Parasitic? Think Again. (Cutting edge science shows that fetal cells heal the mother.)
Truckers Against Human Trafficking (Let’s start 1,000 groups like this. How about farmers against human trafficking, police officers against, fireman against, pastor’s against, youth pastors against, booklovers against, gardeners against, home-schooled children against, and home schooling families against, etc … Let’s end this evil. Shame the men and women who traffic in human bodies for sex and profit.)

Building Better Leaders

Learning from NFL Coaches on How to Get the Whole Team on Board (Jon Gordon’s Weekly Newsletter on positive strategies to fuel your life and career.)
Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter on the Danger of a Dictator in the United States 

Growing Better Christians

Sane Talk on Giving and Thithing (Mark Driscoll—3 minute video)
Becoming an All-Pro Dad (Michael Hyatt—Being a Dad is one of the highlights of my life. I only wish I were a better one.)
Delighting in the Trinity (About ten years ago, I started to encourage church planters to begin to hone and polish their understanding and ability to teach and defend the Trinity. It is a happy task to have a new book to recommend toward that end.)
Seven Common Comments Non-Christians Make About Christians (Thom Rainer)
More of the Problem is Not the Solution (Tim Challies—getting control of technology for the glory of God.)
Six Benefits of Evangelism for Discipleship (9Marks—a must read)

Issues Christians Need to Address

Understanding the Times: An Interview with Carl Trueman (The more I read of Carl Trueman, the more i respect his thinking, honest, and tact.)
John Piper Weighs in on the Possibility of Homosexual Change (Always a reasoned and biblical voice.)
What Does it Mean to Celebrate the Unity of the Body of Christ? (Roger Olsen—a thrilling article (from an Arminian!) on the Oneness of the body of Christ. Truly worth reading)

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