Very Important Article, Video and Discussion on Homosexuality

Christopher Yuan

Christopher Yuan is a former member of our church in Bolingbrook who was rescued from drugs and homosexuality by the prayers of his mother, the faithfulness of his father, a federal prison, the prayers of the saints of New Song Church and sound biblical teaching. Today, Christopher is a graduate of Moody Graduate School, and adjunct professor at Moody and a traveling speaker. He is a wonderful trophy of grace sharing the love of Christ wherever he goes.

About a dozen years ago, I took Christopher with me to a church in Downers Grove that asked me to speak from the biblical perspective on why the church is for the homosexual but against homosexuality. Recently, Christopher spoke at Nazarene Church on the issues of homosexuality and the church’s response. He posted a link to Facebook to a gay man’s blog who had attended the talk and written a response. I responded to a comment there and that started a long comment / “discussion” with two gay men.

The whole experience demonstrated once again how hard it is to have a genuine discussion with the growing mainstream view on homosexuality. Over and over, I was accused of being naive, a bigot, homophobic, and racist. Arguments were dismissed, evidence was avoided, benefit of the doubt was not given. When I was working in the background to read links and check quotes, I was accused of stalling and not wanting to answer. It was crazy. I tried to remain civil and keep drawing my interlocutors back into reasoned discussion and for the most part, failed.

In the end, I tried to disagree agreeably and to ask one final question to drive the two gay men with whom I was interacting down to the bottom line of would they change their position if Jesus himself told them they were wrong. It was interesting to say the least. I’m sure I could have given better answers if I had more time and I am quite sure that others could do much better than myself but it might be helpful to some of you so here is the link to the comment stream.  (Link to article here) [The full comment stream is now to 19 back and forth comments between myself and the two gay men. You have to click on the “see more” link to get to the whole thread.] {Update: 10/31/13 Unfortunately, it appears that many of my responses now seem to have been deleted. This is another tactic that is often used. When you are losing the debate, just ignore your antagonist.}

Today I ran across a fantastic post at the Gospel Coalition website that talks about the same types of difficulty in having any kind of genuine discussion with the homosexual community about what the Bible says. Here is the link to that post (

If you are dealing with these kind of issues in any of your witnessing, or with family members, I want to encourage you to look at both links (mine and the Gospel Coalition’s). I think they may help you deal rationally, compassionately, and biblically. That is the only way to honor Christ.

5 thoughts on “Very Important Article, Video and Discussion on Homosexuality

  1. These kind of conversations are utterly frustrating to me b/c you want others to see & embrace your logic. They often refuse. It’s like trying to pinch mercury with tweezers. You think you’ve got it, & then it gets away from you. In these times I have to remind myself that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph.6:12). God bless you in your pursuits.


    1. bfawbush, it was frustrating, but sometimes we just have to continue to persistent and wait on the Spirit’s timing. Did you notice the change in texture of their comments between #19-23? You are spot on. We wrestle against powers and principalities. Let’s determine to remain faithful.


  2. Thanks so much for this dialogue link. I have had the opportunity to meet Christopher and hear him speak a couple of different times. I am looking forward to seeing him again in the near future when he comes to my home town. As a pastor, I am constantly trying to deal with this issue not only in my ministry, but my personal life as a father. You see, I have a son that is struggling with same sex attraction. I say struggling because I believe that to be what he is actually doing. He was raised differently and struggles to maintain a healthy relationship with us as parents. Thanks again for this post.


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