The Material You Use is Immaterial

Weekend Musings

This has been my motto for 20 years. If the material you use covers the basics of what needs to be covered to ground a new believer in the faith so that he/she knows what they need to know to grow, the material is immaterial. For years, you could go into a Christian bookstore and pick up any of 6-12 different materials that would adequately cover the terrain. The trick was to start, finish, and hold the new believer accountable to pass on what they have learned to someone else.

Well the bookstores are gone. Amazon wiped them out and most of them were filled with more “Jesus junk” then substantive shelves of theologically sound books.

Recently I ran out of the materials I used and had to order more. They have been rewritten. And the new rewritten material is seriously flawed. It’s not the typos, its the assumptions. The new material reflects that the ministry producing them is no longer working mainly with “new believers” (who know nothing about Christ) but with “gathered believers” who have more biblical background and different questions than a new or young believer with no background in the gospel narrative.

That is a huge failure in my mind. So if you have a good solution to this question, “What is the answer to the question, “What does the a new believer need to know to grow in a 4-7 week package?”  . 

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