Training Better Preachers; Growing Better Christians; Thinking Better Doctrine; Loving Neighbors Better

Weekend Links

Moss-covered retaining wall at Jinguashi

Enjoy your weekend, but make it count for eternity.

Training Better Preachers

Seven Questions to Ask of Your Message Every Week

Better Thinking About Reaching Your Neighbors

10 Questions Your Neighbors are Not Asking About Your Church (Perry Noble)
Romancing Your Neighborhood (Michael Frost–Exponential Conference Audio)

Growing Better Christians

Three Book Reviews from One of My Former Professors (J.P. Moreland—Dr. Moreland is one of those guys you are glad is on your side. A top shelf philosopher who loves Jesus, formidable in debate, deep in his thinking, pious in his devotion.)
Why No Denomination Will Survive the Homosexual Crisis (Compassion and right doctrine are in a head on collision and we must not abandon either.)
Seven Things You Might Not Know About Grumbling (Every Christian in the world should probably read this twice a year.)

Engaging with Culture and Politics

What Do Mormons Really Believe: Part 1 (Many Christians erroneously believe that Mormons are Christians. This series will give you a reality check.)

Family Arguments (issues over which the body is divided)

How Important is Complementarianism? (John Piper, Ligon Duncan, Russel Moore, and Greg Gilbert)

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