Academic Witch Hunts; ACORN; Angela Moncrief; Bad Preaching; Life Priorities; Che Guevara

Weekend Links

Some real show stoppers in this list. And once again, I post them, I don’t necessarily endorse everything in them or the sites from which they come. 

Updated Note: I have dropped a link that I did not properly vet and since have found to be almost completely false concerning President Obama. Thanks Cathy Askeland for helping me tidy up the post. I apologize for defaming the President in any way with a false suggestion.

Better Discipleship

Which Generation Do You Live For? (David Mathis is the executive director of Desiring God and an Elder at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, MN)
Six Reasons Why Mormons Are Growing and Evangelicals Aren’t Keeping Pace (Read, be convicted, and change.)

Better Apologetics

84 Confirmed Facts from the last 16 chapters of the Book of Acts (Every fact affirms the historicity and careful work of the Luke and the accuracy of the narrative.)

Better Preaching

Good News for Bad Preachers (Russell Moore)

Engaging with Politics and Culture

The Real Che Guevara is Not the Teddy Bear the Left Thinks Of (Humberto Fontova—the fact that I am not a “Spring Chicken”, and that I am reasonably well informed and never knew some of these things is another demonstration of how powerful the media control of information and education is. This is an important article with implications for political dialog to the Chik-fil-A fiasco.)
WOW ! Two Video’s You Must See. WOW  (Exposing ACORN)
Academic Witch Hunt for Failing to Support the Gay Narrative (It is no longer okay to report research findings if they run counter to the gay agenda. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984.)

Better Worship Thinking

Avoiding Manipulation in Our Worship Services from Start to Finish (Stephen Crosby)

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