The Hole in Holiness; Perry Noble; Chick-fil-A; White House Math; Thank God for Pagans; False Conversions; and much, much more

Weekend Links

Get a cup of coffee, take 30 minutes, and pick any five of these articles. Remember, “readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” There are some challenging links here but of course, I don’t vouch for all the perspectives or conclusions.

Growing Better Christians and Leaders

The Hole in Our Holiness (Interview with Kevin DeYoung on a deficit in Evangelical Piety and Practice)
Chick-Fil-A and Media Snobbery and How We should Respond (Perry Noble)
Four Truths Successful Pioneers Know (Michael Hyatt—well written and thought through. Excellent for church planters in particular)

Engaging with Culture

Scathing Denunciation of the Obama Presidency from an African American Conservative (Ouch! Mychal Massie leaves no room for doubt about where he stands on President Obama. Is he right or is he over the top?)
There’s No Math Like White House Math (Deception wrapped in obscurity and boxed in a corner and brought out in the light with a pretty bow for the American populace. Can’t we do better than this?)
America Needs a Baby Boom (We need a lot of things, revival, better preachers, a passion for holiness, better candidates for office, but among the things we need is a baby boom that springs out of a desire to honor God.)
Thank God Hippocrates Was a Pagan (Jennifer Lahl—Think through the issues clearly when you are defending the sanctity of life.)
New Book Challenges Popular Conception of Thomas Jefferson
Rachel Maddow’s Important Questions for the Romney Advisers (Not a fan of Rachel’s generally, but she has some good points to ask and make in this video/article)
Has the Real Barak Obama Been Revealed? (Bill O’Reilly thinks so. What do you think?)
The Cato Institute on the Illegality of the Boston Mayor’s Comments on Chick-Fil-A

Planting and Pastoring Better Churches

The Numbers Churches aren’t Tracking and Should Be (Alan Danielson from with an important article on maintaining perspective in growth.)
The Suicide of False Conversions (Mark Dever and 9Marks Ministry—audio)
Objections to New Members Classes in Churches (Thom Rainer—helpful thoughts on five common objections.)
28 Vision-based Competencies for Church Staff and Leadership Development (Will Mancini–What leaders need to be looking for and seeking to develop.)
Can the Church Learn from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Teach the Church Anything about Worship? (Some thoughts to make us think. Agree or disagree and why.) 

Thinking Better About Doctrine

Why We Look Forward to the Day of Judgment (Trevan Wax–an important article for a critical time in the history of the church)

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