What if … Oh God Forgive Us, Change Us, Make Us Different

Sunday Musings

Watching the Olympics and wondering how different the world would look if Christians pursued holiness the way Olympians pursue their goals? If we pursued compassion and mercy and justice and wisdom with the zeal and passion with which these athletes pursue their dreams of Olympic glory, would Abortion have ever become the law of the land? Would our nation be swimming in the cesspool of pornography that it is? Would the shootings in Columbine and Colorado Springs and Milwaukee have ever taken place? 

Would slavery have happened? Would the civil rights movement been needed? Would our halls of power be filled with all the corruption and graft and hypocrisy that we see in local, state and federal levels? Would child abuse be epidemic in our culture like it now is?

We know the answers don’t we?

Our world, our nation, our neighborhoods, our homes, our marriages would all be radically different if we lived passionately for and like Jesus—like Olympic athletes live passionately for their goals.

“Oh God forgive us for being less than passionate when you poured out your love for us so powerfully on the cross. Forgive us God and help us, change us, make us different. Renew our passion. Draw us back to our first love, our first passion for you. Don’t leave us unchanged. Make our light shine. Make our love pure. Make our hearts big. Make us willing to sacrifice. Make us live for you rather than ourselves. I ask it for the glory of the name of Christ. Amen.”

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