Single Christians and Sex; Muslims Turning to Christ; Ross Douthat; Eric Metaxes; Fascist Government; and Worship Ministry

Weekend Links

When the people of God cease to pursue holiness or begin to justify their unrighteousness, all the testimony of Scripture in both Testaments is that God’s judgment is mounting the horizon. Such is the growing body of evidence and the first link below is one of “the canary’s in the mine” indicators. Ironic that as our culture turns its back on Christ, Muslims are turning to Christ around the world. Fewer links in my weekend round up but there are some good ones here. As always, I can’t vouch for all their content.

Growing Better Christians

Why Single Christians are Having Premarital Sex (Urban Faith—an alarming and dangerous trend that dishonors God and mutes the power of the gospel)


George Orwell’s Five Rules of Effective Writing (Always good to hear from a good writer on writing)

Defending and Celebrating The Gospel

Muslims Turning to Christ in Record Numbers (Video of the untold story)

In the News

Another Miracle Inside the Evil of the Colorado Shootings (Remarkable story of the providence of God in a young girls life, now recovering in the hospital.)
The Way We Fear Now (Ross Douthat—an incisive essay / movie review / commentary on the Colorado Batman movie shootings. Well written and well argued, Ross Douthat is a force to be reckoned with and we are God-blessed to have him and his thoughts.)
How the Government is Becoming Fascist (A truly horrific story of a family being told, essentially, “give up your religion or your business.”)
Integrity is an Issue Everywhere, Especially in November (Katie Pavlich on voter fraud and integrity at the polls.)
Eric Metaxes on the Chick-fil-a Flap and What is at Stake (and what we must do) (Honestly, is there anyone who makes more sense then Metaxes on how to interact with culture?)

Toward Better Worship

Why I Stopped Singing in Your Church (Well worth the read for any and every worship leader or worship team participant)

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