Ten Commandments of Homosexuality; Jeremiah Wright; Abortion Culture; John Piper; N.T. Wright;

Weekend Links

[Updated slighlty ]Here they are. The much anticipated, first links of the month. A few annotations, all great reads and as usual, … I link them but I don’t necessarily embrace them.

Engaging with Culture

Ten Commitments for the Church Regarding Homosexuality (Kevin DeYoung)
Why Jeremiah Wright’s Relationship to President Obama Still Matters (Larry Elder)
The Battle is Not Cordial: Four Ways to Fight the Abortion Culture (John Knight—more strategy for how to make some real progress in ending the horror of abortion in the country.)
“Obama is the Abortion President” (Trent Franks)

Building Better Theology

Why Don’t We See the Miracles They Did in the First Century? (John Piper)
The Joy of Calvinism (Tony Reinke at Desiring God)
Where People Get Scripture Wrong (N.T. Wright—an interesting list and worth some thought.)

Building Better Practice in the Church

The Church Condones the Divorce of Evangelism and Discipleship (Miquel—my friend Miquel always has an interesting take on the intersection of Evangelism and Discipleship. I think he is right on target plus missionaries, particularly missionary church planters like Miquel are my heroes.)
Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Lead Worship this Week (Fred McKinnon—a great article for all who lead worship.)
How to See and Cure a Sick Organizational Culture (Leadership Freak)
Sloppy Scholarship Does No One Any Good (Carl Trueman—this is a longer review but highly instructive. We count on publishers and writers and editors to do their homework. Here is a sad case where no one did their job very thoroughly and the result is that a trusted Christian publisher has a lot of egg on their face to say nothing of the author.)

Health and Exercise

Superweeds: A Long Predicted Problem for GM Crops has Arrived (Now that I am ministering in a farming community, I would love to have some of my farmer friends weigh in on this subject. I don’t know enough to sift through the rhetoric and the science.)

Marty Schoenleber, Jr. is a church planter, pastor and the church planting trainer/mentor of over 200 other church planting pastors. He has served as adjunct professor of Church Planting at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and has taught Preaching at the International School of Theology, and Evangelism at Moody Graduate School of Theology. His latest book is Settlers or Sojourners? A Meditation on Christian Identity. Today, he serves as a Field Shepherd with Standing Stone Ministry, helping pastors in crisis to health and effective ministry. To enjoy a free subscription to his blog, log-on to www.chosenrebel.wordpress.com, where you can post your comments, view past blogs in our archive and read the latest reflections on church planting, Biblical Expositions and musings about church, culture and spiritual formation. Follow Pastor Marty on twitter @1Chosenrebel4JC.

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