Michael Frost and The Skill Most Church Planters (and Churches) Neglect

Missional Moments

This is what I have been driving at in my church planting classes, in my preaching, in my blogging (see all of the Intensely Local posts for instance), in all of the seminars and conferences I have done over the last decade. WE NEED TO LISTEN TO OUR COMMUNITIES. 

Michael Frost says it better than me in this video. Even though Michael comes off as a bit arrogant at times, he is dead on in this short excerpt from a Verge Conference. By the way, what Frost says here is equally true of those who are planting attractional OR organic model churches. Sometimes the latter make the same mistakes as the former while they look down their noses at past methodologies.

Michael and I don’t always see eye to eye, you can check some of our FaceBook dust ups to understand the particulars, but I still think he is spot on in this clip.

4 thoughts on “Michael Frost and The Skill Most Church Planters (and Churches) Neglect

  1. Love this man…I saw it less as arrogant but more like confidence and boldness. I had the great privilege of planting one church several years ago and wish I had known then what I know now. Thanks pastor.


  2. Why not just adopt Jesus’ approach – build around the person(s) of peace who are indigenous within the community and then leave, rather than exporting yourself and building ministry around yourself in their community?


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