The Good Design of Life

Wednesday is for Prayer

“Life is well designed.
Men and women grow old so that someone will be wise enough
to teach the young.”

(Lord Mhoram in the novel, Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson,
page 279 in paperback edition)

We are wise to be cautious when we find “truth” in fiction but novels, even secular fantasy novels like this one, are sometimes filled with insight that mirrors the Scripture. I am rereading this series for the third time and thought this particular line was appropriate for the counseling load that has recently forced its way into my ministry.

Young men and women making many foolish decisions that complicate their lives and the lives of everyone around them but especially the ones they say they love the most. Oh how they need to listen to those of us who have seen more of life then they and oh how they fight against it. May God give me and all those who counsel others, insight into their problems and the wisdom of his word to apply to their wounds.

Lord Jesus, I need you. I am lost without you and need your guidance and stamina. By your Holy Spirit, would you give me the wisdom I need in each of these situations where your people have compounded their problems with sin and lack of trust in you. Give me patience. Give them grace. And help us together to find our way to paths of righteousness.

Counsel to those who counsel:  Probe the Scripture for wisdom related to the sin of unbelief. You will find it extremely profitable for all of needs of ministry.

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