Prayer for the Nation’s Preachers

Tuesday is for Preaching

All over the country, pastors are preparing two very different messages this week. Many will be preaching 3 to 7 messages in the span of three days. Some will be preaching on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. One set of messages will be filled with mourning over sin and another set of messages will be filled with the joy of sin and death being conquered in the resurrection.

All of those messages will be more powerful if the people of God are praying for their pastors and asking God to give them great insight, great clarity of expression, and great passion in their delivery. All of those messages will be more effective if we are asking the Lord of the Harvest (Luke 10:2) and the Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16:8)

Would you join me in praying for pastors around the country? And while you are at it, would you pray for me?)  I will be preaching on Thursday [1x], Friday [2x], and Sunday [3x]). Prayer is the work we are called to. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Nation’s Preachers

  1. Marty, thank you so very, very much sir for this. I am a bi-vocational pastor that works with no salary at our church that has been hit hard by economy so I draw on salary and work as a janitor to support myself and I truly covet the prayers of the church that I am under-shepherd of and anyone reading this. So awesome to have men of godly faith such as you. No doubt, if we prayed more for our pastors, then the Devil and the demons would be crying out: “Hell help us, all heaven’s breaking loose here.”


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