John Piper Controversy; Tornadoes; Eric Metaxes; Taxing the Wealthy; Gay Suicide; Jarrid Wilson

Weekend Links

Great list of posts including some I wish I didn’t have to post (see the section on LEADING BETTER). Can’t vouch for all of them but all of them will challenge your thinking.

Cultural Engagement

Burning Fuel into Fertilizer Good for the Environment
Obama vs Reagan: Why it’s Important (Bill O’Reilly)
Watchdog Press (ha!) Yawns at Obama’s Socialist Ties (Investment Business Daily)
Don’t Tax Wealth or Income. Tax Consumption. (The Telegraph)
It Just Ain’t So! Thinking new thoughts about the trade deficit (Walter Williams)
What is the Reality of Gay Suicide? (Greg Easterbrook)
Big Lies, Big Oil, and Big Opportunities (David Limbaugh)

Leading Better

Tell Your Children What Hitler Did (John Piper and Eric Metaxes)
Giving the Congregation a Feel for the Whole of the Bible (Justin Taylor)
Why Your Ability to Handle Change Matters (
The Power of Listening in Helping People Learn to Forgive (Justin Holcomb)
Drop Your Nets: Leaving all to Follow Christ (Jarrid Wilson)
Where are the Churches for People Who Love Church? (My Reformed Self) 

Evangelism and Apologetics

Loving Muslim Neighbors (The White Horse Inn)

Loving Better

Fierce Tornadoes and the Finger of God (John Piper)
Is John Piper’s Interpretation of Tornadoes Correct? (John Armstrong)
Obsessed with Tornadoes (Internet Monk)
Let it Be Brothers: This is Your Controversy Not John Piper’s (marty schoenleber) 

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