Fracking: Finally, the Truth; Tim Stafford; Notre Dame; Obama and the Catholic Church (and the rest of us)

Weekend Links


Leading the Church Better

Why Churches Should Euthanize their Small Groups
As If We Really Believed: Disturbing trends in giving (Tim Stafford)
St. Francis Never Said It (Mark Galli)
Our Salvation is Bound up in the Doctrine of the Trinity (Justin Taylor)

Cultural Engagement

Notre Dame Faculty Speak Out to Obama (CNS News)
White House Chief of Staff: The President has Not Changed His Position (Susan Jones)
The Rising Black Pathology in Our Culture (Walter Williams)
Obama Plans to Spend Even More: 53% more by 2022 (CNS News)
The Truth About Fracking (video–must see)


New Manuscript Fragments of the Greek New Testament Found (Dan Wallace)
The Bible and the Issue of Slavery: Is it Condoned? (Stand to Reason)
Richard Dawkins Anti-Scientific Hypocrisy

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