Who Should We Vote for in the Coming Election?

Thursday Post

Normally, this is not a subject I would take up on this blog. But … that doesn’t mean it is unworthy of discussion by thinking, serious believers.

Some time ago, when the President deciding that the Federal Government will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, I posted a link to another one of my BLOG’s. The blog you are reading at the moment is designed for church planters and missional leaders. The blog I am sending you to with this link is one that serializes a book I wrote to help Christians identify better candidates for public office. Here’s the Link.

The title of the BLOG, is “Marty’s Election Guide for Any Election in America. Fortunately, that will not be the title of the book!

The title of the post/chapter is, “Sin is a reproach to any nation.”

This is part of a book that is currently at the publishers and should be out in either late March or April of 2012. It has passed theological review and is moving through editing. If you would, pray that we can come up with a title that captures the public’s imagination and the heart of the book as well.

Re-edited and posted from the archives.

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