Hey Church! Do You Want to Reach Men?

Wednesday is for Prayer

A must-read article by a missionary to Bulgaria on what it will take to reach men in any culture. Click on the blue link below. Though I am not a preterist, full or partial, this is a good article. If you don’t know what the issues are regarding preterism, don’t worry about it. It is not that important to the article.

Relationship vs. Purpose: How the Church Destroys the Christian Family

If you are a church planter, pastor, leader in the church, if you yearn for the young men to be aflame for the cause of Christ, if you want to see God turn mere males into mighty men of valor, read this article. Print it out, copy it, pass it around to your friends. Ask your pastor to preach this way. And pray. Pray that God would do a work in your country to raise up workers for the harvest.

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