Doubling the Number of Churches in the United States and Beyond

Monday Discussion

Who will be the first denomination to truly take church planting seriously and begin to plant churches rapidly, reproductively and globally?  When will American churches stop hoarding their resources and spending them on themselves and truly seek to reach the harvest that is being prepared by the Spirit of God?  Here’s one way to make a start:

A Church Planting Strategy

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

Proposal:  Every church in your denomination (or district) commits one eight-hour day a month (or an equal amount of time spread through out the year) by one of its pastors for the next 5 years to be praying about, learning about, and planning for  the planting of at least one church in the year 2017.

Result:       The denomination doubles in size in the number of churches and more than doubles in size in number of congregants in the year 2017 (based upon the average size of church plants and the average size of our churches).


  1. Five years is more than enough time for even the smallest churches to find a creative way to plant a new church.
  2. Five years of prayer will yield a great harvest because God delights to answer the prayers of an obedient, praying, dependent church.
  3. Five years is an adequate time period in which to solve the resource dilemma that some churches will have.
  4. God will be glorified and the name of Christ will be exalted.

Broader Strategy:

  1. Challenge churches over 2000 to plant an additional 3 churches overseas.
  2. Challenge churches between 1000 and 2000 to plant an additional 2 churches overseas.
  3. Challenge churches between 700 and 1000 to plant an additional 1 church overseas.
  4. Challenge churches between 400-700 to partner with churches under 60 in the planting of churches Stateside.
  5. Challenge churches between 200-400 to partner with churches between 60-200 in the planting of churches Stateside.


  1. Larger churches have larger responsibilities to set the pace with the resources of people, finances, training and experience that God has entrusted to them.
  2. Smaller churches will need the encouragement and support of others who labor with greater resources at their disposal.
  3. This is a doable plan.

In fact, our only fear is that the plan may be beneath what God is calling the church to do.  It may not be ambitious enough.  The field is ripe unto harvest and we must send more workers into the field.  This is a path to do it.   Come on people, let’s change the world for Jesus and the lost for whom he died. He rose, and lives ever more. Let’s make sure that more people know that in our generation as a result of our prayer, sacrifice and effort than ever before.

Contact Marty Schoenleber, Jr.

Your comments are invited.      [Revised from an earlier post]

2 thoughts on “Doubling the Number of Churches in the United States and Beyond

  1. How does this partnership work if the majority of churches in a conference are under 100 and very few at 200 or more?


  2. Malcolm,

    I’m not sure but some prayer and creativity will give you direction. I think the basic elements could still be in place.

    First, five years is more than enough time for even the smallest churches to figure out a way to get the job done.
    Second, partner two churches in a region to plant a church together.
    Third, streamline the process. Think of ways to centralize administration and decentralized ministry. Lower the bar on what it means to be a church, raise the bar on discipleship. Does a church have to have facility? NO. Does it have to have a paid pastor? No. Does it have to have a slam dunk music program? No. Think it through. Resource and encourage your evangelists.
    Fourth, Pray, pray, pray. God will give the increase.
    Fifth, contact me. I’d love to help.


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