Humbling Links; Challenging Links; Thought Provoking Links; Funny Links and much more.

Weekend Links

Enjoy your reading. Though I don’t agree with all, all of them will challenge your thinking. Have a great weekend.

Growing as a Leader/ as a Believer

Living a Gospel Saturated Life (Jared Wilson)
Four Questions that Improve Your Leadership Thinking (Mark Howell)
Growing Through Brokenness (Ron Edmondson)
Why We Love C.S. Lewis but Rob Bell, Not So Much (Credo House)
The Confidence of an Evangelical (Mark Galli)
You’re Not as Busy as You Think (Chris Brogan)  –beyond the Scripture, the most humbling thin I have read this year.

Engaging the Culture

The Coming Obama Race-card Against Romney (Kevin McCullough)
Scary Man Who Almost Became President (And another reason everyone should read my book coming out in late January this next election year with CrossBooks.)
Thank God for American Exceptionalism (Star Parker)
Citizen Congressman Alan West (Bruce Bialosky)
Intelligent Design: Atheists to the Rescue (Howard Kainz)

Growing as an Evangelist

Was Jesus Sinless? (Street Apologetics)
The Gospel Does Not Make Us Lazy, It Makes Us Fervent (John Piper via J.D. Greear)

Thinking about the Economy

Entitlements, Not Tax Cuts Widen the Wealth Gap (Michael Barone)
Ending Income Inequality (Walter Williams)
Spain’s Green Disaster Coming to America?
Unbelievable Story, Absolutely Crazy! Philadelphia Administrator with a nearly  $1 million dollar buyout, has the audacity to file for unemployment!!

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