MIT Global Warming Research; Issues for Church Planters; and the Failure of the Mega Church

Weekend Links for September 17, 2011

Some really interesting and helpful reads here. Science, Church Planting, the Arts,  Growing in Christ, Politics, Economics, Apologetics, its all covered here. As always, I thought it was interesting, or helpful, or thought provoking, but that doesn’t mean I agree with every position taken.

Global Warming News

MIT Scientist Proves Global Warming is False (
Global Warming: Some Like it Hot (Watts Up with That?)

Church Planting Helps

7 Issues All Church Planters Must Conquer: #2 Finances (Acts 29) Understanding the Gospel Profoundly (with some help from Luther)
The Failure of the Mega Church (An introduction: don’t miss this article and the article it refers to.)

Growing in Christ

Guide to Fervent Prayer (A.W. Pink)
R.C. Sproul: A Man Called by God (Burk Parsons)
Refuting The Silliness of Pat Robertson (Randy Alcorn)

Engaging the Culture

Oil Industry Could Produce Over 1 Million Jobs by 2018 (CNS news)
Same Sex Marriage Ban in North Carolina  (Amanda Winkler)
Break Point with Chuck Colson (Audio)
Corporal Punishment and the Bible (Gospel Coalition)
Bloodlines (New video with John Piper on racism)
Five Reasons Black Americans Should Give Up on the Democratic Party  (John Hawkins)
Great Response to Pat Robertson’s Foolishness (Russell Moore)

Giving a Reason for Our Hope

Who Made God? (RUInstitute / J.W. Wartick)
If God is Good, Why Do We Hurt? (Randy Alcorn)

Engaging the Arts

Is Poetry Better Because it is Public? (The Graduate Scrawl)

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