Dead to Sin and Alive to God

Friday is for Heart Songs

Working through some old files and tossing much to make room for more. Found this short dialog I wrote in 1982 while meditating on Romans 6:1-14 during a day of prayer. Still trying to figure out what it means to die to sin and live to God.

Being Dead is a Process of Living

Mature Christian:  “Now that you have believed in Christ, you’re dead to sin.”

New Believer:  “I am?”

MC:  “Yep.”
NC:  “I’ll never sin again?”

MC:  “No, I didn’t say that.”
NC:      —“You didn’t say that?”

MC:     —“No, I didn’t say that.”
NC:            —“I don’t understand. Didn’t you just say that I was dead to sin?”

MC:  “Yep.”
NC:   “Can a dead man do anything?”
MC:  “Well, err … no … but ….”
NC:  “If I’m dead how can I do something sinful?”
MC:  “Well, you see … it’s kinda like being alive!”
NC:  “Oh great! Now you’re telling me that being dead is like being alive?”

MC:  “Let’s try this from another angle.”
NC:  “Yeah, let’s.”

MC:  “How do you feel?”
NC:  “Well, I woke up with a headache …”
MC:  “No, no … not how do you feel phys …”
NC:              —“Didn’t you just ask …”
MC:             —“I meant spiritually.”
NC:  “Well you should have said so. … I guess I feel okay spiritually.”
MC:  “Do you feel any closer to God?”
NC:  “Well, I guess so …”

MC:  [Excited, thinks he’s making progress.] “That’s because, spiritually speaking, your’re alive.”
NC:  [With a bit of suspicion.]  “Tell me something?”
MC:  “What’s that?”
NC:   “Didn’t you say that I was dead to sin?”
MC:  “Yep.”
NC:   “Now you’re saying I’m alive?”
MC:   “Alive to God.”
NC:   [With sarcasm.] “What does that mean, ‘spiritually speaking?'”
MC:   “It means you’re dead to sin.”
NC:   “Back to that again.”
MC:  “You need a lot of closure don’t you?”

“Lord, help me to live out my new position in Christ. Help me to kill sin in my life wherever I find it so that I can live in the newness of the life of the Spirit. Amen.

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