Starting Parties for Jesus and Your Neighbor’s Joy

Monday Discussion

Two of the neighbors are having parties. There are back yard tents, cars up and down the street, kids are playing in the street and it got me thinking …

I’ve witnessed this scene before…, this black family on our left having a party; this Muslim family on our right having a BBQ; that black family having a celebration of some kind; that white family doing the same. We’ve had a few ourselves.

A few what?

Parties, gatherings, BBQ’s that excluded everyone in the neighborhood. 

People have a right to do what they want, to include or not include people in the gatherings they have in their homes. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if every Christian family in America made it a three-year goal to …

    • so love.
    • so serve,
    • so initiate,
    • so help,
    • so demonstrate compassion,
    • so celebrate their neighbor’s joys,
    • so care for their neighbor’s sorrows,

… that our neighbors would either invite us to or have serious discussions in their planning—about inviting us into their gatherings?

Of course, for that to happen, we are probably going to have to start the process ourselves. Write me and tell me when you start the process. Encourage everyone with your story here. In most of the country, there are still three to four months of good weather left to try something. What could you do for the glory of God and joy of your neighbors to reach to reach your neighbors and love your neighbors and proclaim the glad tidings of our God?

UPDATED on 6/24/16
Some Suggestion Discussion Starters

  1. “I noticed your grandson loves golf. I’m going to organize a (your street) golf outing. Just a fun 9 holes to get the neighborhood together. Do you think he would be interested in helping out?”
  2. “First Wednesday in Fall, my wife and I are inviting the five closest houses to kick October off with a “bring your favorite soup” night. What’s your favorite?”
  3. “We’ve got such a good view of the fireworks here on the 4th of July. Why don’t you join us for hot dogs and hamburgers around 8 and stay for the fireworks?”
  4. “When the first corn shows up for the season, we are going to have a party. Come join us. I will let you know the date. It will probably be on a Wednesday.”

You get the idea.
Just be friendly and inviting and bathe everything you do in prayer.

3 thoughts on “Starting Parties for Jesus and Your Neighbor’s Joy

  1. * Took some tomatoes from the garden to two neighbors Monday afternoon.

    * Engaged a couple out for a walk in conversation, learned their names, how long on the street and invited to the next “Cochise Circle gathering.”

    * On the way back from tomato deliveries, engaged neighbor working on car. Told them of a plan to paint a basketball court on the street. They mentioned, “Aren’t you the one who painted the bases for the kids kick ball?”

    Just the start of a three year experiment in loving my neighbors. Little things all, but bathed in prayer and surrounded by bold witness and consistent living, that’s my hope, for greater impact on the ‘hood.


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