Obscure and Difficult Texts and the Blessing We Miss

Sunday Musings

Reading Ezekiel. One of the most neglected books in my personal reading history. I have read it through probably 20-25 times, maybe more but I don’t know that I have ever preached from it, or even done any extending teaching from it.

But I think that I might tackle an extended study. Chapter 1 is mind-boggling and bizarre, but chapter 2 and 3 are filled with immediate relevance for 21st century living. I’ve got to figure out the link between chapter 1 and the rest of the book. Looking forward to both the challenge and the discovery.


  • I wonder how often we rob ourselves of great joy and blessings by refusing to do the hard work of study and meditation on obscure and  difficult texts?

2 thoughts on “Obscure and Difficult Texts and the Blessing We Miss

  1. I so agree. I am most blessed when I come across a difficult NT passage and struggle with it and am lead to the answer in an OT text that always seemed useless.


  2. Agreed. One of my most memorable Bible studies ever was when I had heard a pastor saying something about Ephesians 2:8-9 which I thought was poorly reasoned but didn’t have a good explanation for. I took the Greek text, worked it out with different colors for the different grammatical functions, then put it where I would see it through the week when I was working. Soaked up what the text was saying for about two weeks. Great opportunity to meditate on the Scripture and work with it.

    Never be afraid to ask tough questions of God’s Word! It is up to any genuine question we can ask.


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