Meals Turned into Sacraments

Wednesday is for Prayer

Ann Voskamp
Ann Voskamp

Yesterday, one of the best devotional writers of the 21st century had a great quote from Spurgeon at her site. There she is on the right and here’s the quote: 

Have your heart right with Christ,
and He will visit you often,
And so turn
weekdays into Sundays,

meals into sacraments,
homes into temples
and earth into heaven.

                          ~Charles Spurgeon

What would happen if all our prayers for others, all our prayers for ourselves, all our prayers for enemies and friends, all our whispered hopes for all the ones he brings us in contact with–what if all our prayers were filled with this spirit, these thoughts? Might the world be filled with the saturated-presence of the Holy One of Israel? Might the world wonder at the glory of the Lord revealed in the prayers of the saints?

“Oh Lord God, make my heart right with you. Help me to beat sin into submission by your grace and visit me often. I can’t live without your presence. Make all things holy. Turn all my days into worship that the coming King would have a throne in my heart. Amen.”

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