Replacing Awe in Worship with “Awesome” Worship Bands

Sunday Musings

bands, worshipOver at Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight) posts on a new Barna report that documents a twenty year downturn in church attendance, Bible reading, Bible confidence and Church involvement, noting in particular these factors among women. You can read the report on the report here.

Barna reports a 20 year trend. Think about it. Doesn’t this coincide with the explosive uptick in mega churches, the downgrade of theology for felt need topics, replacing awe in worship with “awesome” worship bands (or choirs, or soloists, or ensembles), and the rapid shift to market the church (these last two, started actually in the late 70’s)?

bands, worship 2I’m not trying to say that all of these are the total answer*, but when the church turns it’s back on sound and significant discussion of the Bible is it surprising that the faithful begin to lose confidence in the their Bibles?

* Part of the answer is surely the economy on some of them.

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